Please don't forget your passport - if your passport doesn't qualify for border-free crossing you can purchase a VISA at the airport for $50 but preferably try pre-organising to avoid the queue... your chilled welcome drinks are waiting.

Mozambique is a malaria risk area that one cannot ignore, even though we do fumigate frequently - please get your advice from your travel doctor.

Inhambane does host a private clinic for emergencies but please inform your medical aid that you will be travelling abroad.

If you decide to drive please don't forget these necessary items and please stick to the speed limit in the towns to avoid being pulled over by the traffic police:

  • Logbook
  • Permission letter to drive the vehicle by the bank/owner if the vehicle is not in your name
  • Insurance letter - this does not cover 3rd party in Mozambique
  • 3rd party insurance - purchase at the border
  • 2 red triangles
  • 2 yellow reflective vests
  • Front and back ZA stickers
  • Triangle stickers if towing trailer

  • GPS co-ordinates 23°47'22.11"S 35°30'30.39"E