We asked our renowned chefs how they would best describe Barra Beach Club's weddings...

  'I, Sir Fillet take you, Miss Merlot to be my companion, my partner in taste and my many true flavours. I will cherish our blending and savour you more and more each day. I will trust your choice and compliment you, dine with you and wine with you, loving you faithfully through the rare and the flame-grilled times, regardless of the tempting menu we may experience together. I give you my tenderness, my sauciness, and my 'bon appetit', from this day forward for as long as we both shall live.'

...now we understand where their imagination comes from when they host and prepare over-whelming meals for the all important day!

Barra Beach Club and her surroundings spell success for all means of group events. Our facilities, including the option of our larger sister hotel, Hotel Casa Do Capitao, combines the opportunity of tailor-made packages - from weddings to corporate to even yoga health getaways.

Let us entertain you.